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If you are looking for entertainment,
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The Budabi Brothers have been wowing audiences for over 9 years all across America. From corporate festivals to colleges, from library programs to historical festivals, and from art fairs to street fairs--this act is able to handle it all. Flying knives and torches, quick wit, and dangerous acrobatics keep audiences at the edge of their seats. Our show is a hit year after year at the festivals we attend, remaining fresh and high energy.

If you are running an event,

or even just hiring the entertainment for an event, we know how difficult it can be. We strive to make working with us as easy as possible. We provide all our own costuming and equipment, including sound systems. Our show can be tailored to your venue, and if necessary we can even turn a street corner into our stage. We work well on or off the schedule and we announce our own shows. The Budabi's put on a great show without making YOU work for it.

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This year's schedule

is being worked out as you read this! Check back to see where we are off to next! If you want to book us for your event, be sure to drop us a line.

If you have photos of the show or of us making cheesy faces next to you, be sure to send them in! We always like to see what the show looks like from the audience's side, and our hands are too busy to take the pictures.

Do We Brag?

Yes we do because we are proud of the show we have created and it demonstrates how our show can be an asset to your event. We have been told we "are the cornerstone of the event" by Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous. The Iowa State Accountant Board said our "show was the highlight of the evening." Festival goers tell us on a regular basis that our show is the reason we come back to this festival. Audiences have weathered pouring rain without a thought and waited an hour in the sun to get good seats for the show. If audience opinion matters to you, you won't be disappointed with the Budabi Brothers.
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